Year 6

Growing Courageous Learners

Press Play


We have been testing out the new improved Press Play this week!

We ‘walked through jungles’ and ‘hid from people’ as well as ‘defended ourselves.’

There was lots of atmosphere with music too!




We used our new tablets to time ourselves in our P.E lesson today.



Bird Boxes


One of our Year 6 peers has been busy with their granddad cutting and sawing out wooden birdboxes.  They kindly brought them into school for us to construct and paint!

We had to follow instructions carefully to make sure they were put together properly.  We are looking forward to decorating them and researching the best position and place to secure them in the school grounds depending on which birds they will attract!



This week we have been learning about forces.

There is loads of vocabulary to learn while we have been having fun testing our the different forces such as friction, upthrust, gravity, contact force and air and water resistance. Sir Isaac Newton seemed a very cool and clever man and we used a Newton force meter to measure some items in the classroom. We also tested some items to see if they floated or sank.  First we predicted and explained (using our scientific vocabulary ofcourse) what we thought the results would be before filling in a table with our results and conclusions.

Hate Crime Awareness Course


The local police came in today to talk to us regarding Hate Crime.  We learned a lot and will know to treat adults and children with respect no matter what their beliefs are or what they look like or if they have any disabilities.  We gave positive comments to our peers!  Thank you to the police for taking time out of their busy day to come and speak to us!

Planets and Space Topic


We have enjoyed our planets and space topic recently and two of us have been showing off all our hard work to Mrs. Ungerechts! These are our double page spreads!



We love learning about the planets and this week we were very fortunate to have Miss Richardson to come to our bubbles and share her passion about our solar system!

We had time today with Miss Richardson after she had marked out on the playground the pattern that the planets orbit around the sun.  Each of us was a “planet”, “moon” or the “sun” and had our own orbit to follow.  Afterwards, we could have some time to ask any questions.

We all had a great time with Miss Richardson – thank you!




This week we have been working on a topic about our emotions.  We talked about the impact of being home for such a long time and how we coped with returning to school.  Check out our blog next week too  …  we hope to have finished some more writing about it!

We’re Back!


Hello everyone!

Sorry we have been away for a while, however we are back now!

We have been working hard at home for the last few weeks – Mrs. Mount and Miss Merifield have been busy sending us school work to do at home aswell as telephoning us every week along side with Mrs. Baker.  We have really missed school but we are back for the last half term until we take the giant leap to secondary school!

It is a different environment now, but we all know that the staff have worked really hard to keep us safe and happy now we are back. The morning warm-up run on the playground was fun… we had loads of room to spread out!

Music Assembly


Some of us attend recorder club with Mrs. Crack and we have been practising hard so we could preform to the children. Here are some of us in one of the performances.

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